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⚡️Welcome To Make Me Royal⚡️

⚡️Order 2 Portraits And Receive a 10% Discount!⚡️

    How to order

    How does ordering work?

    Step 1: Choose your uniform

    There are many different uniforms to choose from. You can choose a King or a Queen, something from the kids collection or one of our options for couples. Whatever suits you best! We often change the options, so there is always something you will like!

    Take your time and choose your uniform carefully. Take the time to see if your picture and the uniform match a little. 



    Step 2: Upload a good picture

    Upload at least one picture of good quality, multiple pictures are better.  Check out our picture guidelines to see what makes a great photo. 


    Step 3: Place your order and wait for your example

    After approximately 24 hours you will receive your example. You can either approve it, or ask for some revisions.