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    About us

    My Majestic Pet four years ago we started our first royal company, My Majestic Pet. Similar concept, only with pets. We love animals and wanted to bring our love for our animals back into our interior, but in a fun way that is slightly different. It resulted in My Majestic Pet, royal canvas portraits of pets dressed as kings, queens or generals. After four years, we have made thousands pet owners happy with their portraits! For more information:

    We had many requests from people who would like to have a portrait of themselves, with or without their pet. That's why we decided to start a new concept that we've called, Make Me Royal. For everyone who should have been born with a crown on or in a castle. We are the first in the Netherlands and Belgium to offer these types of portraits. That is why we can call them unique portraits. At this moment we are also working in the UK, USA, Canada and Germany.

    Anyone looking 
    for an original gift, or just a portrait of your own has come to the right place! So what are you waiting for your Majesty?


    Make Me Royal is onderdeel van Be Royal Media, geregistreerd onder Kamer van Koophandelnummer 84438134

    BTW nummer NL863210909B01


    Anthonie van Dijckstraat 9-3, 1077MG Amsterdam.