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    Since we manufactured products in accordance with consumer instructions (customization), you cannot return your product to us by default. This is because we cannot reasonably resell your product because it is personalized.

    Does your product fall under one of these points below?

    1. you have received a product that you have not ordered;
    2. you received a defective product and have reported this within the trial period; 3. you have ordered a product from us based on incorrect product information on the website.

    If so, then we will send a new, correct copy free of charge upon submission of photographic evidence.

    Have you received your sample and are you dissatisfied? Please allow us to ask you for new pictures or consider a different uniform. In 99% of the cases a new picture or uniform makes a huge difference!

    Still not satisfied after a new attempt?
    Do you want to cancel? No problem, we only ask $20 for the time and effort of our design team and refund you the rest, no further questions.